Cute thing: in the world of Lego blocks, you can also be a plumber.
Cute thing: in the world of Lego blocks, you can also be a plumber.
Small silicone building blocks with pipes

recently, I saw an interesting little thing on the news. Researchers have made these small modules that can be put together by imitating 2x2 Lego bricks, which, unlike plastic blocks, are made of polydimethylsiloxane. They are transparent and contain tiny pipes in various directions (500 microns in diameter).

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if these small modules are combined and inserted into the floor of ordinary Lego blocks, then the small pipes in them can be connected to each other to form a complete microfluidic system. Tests show that the liquid can flow smoothly and will not leak.

piping systems on a micro scale like this actually have a lot of application potential, for example, they can be used to deal with a small number of liquid samples and detect them. Here, the researchers use the idea of building blocks to make it easier to build this kind of microfluidic system. In fact, one of the main goals of these special small building blocks is education: they are very interesting and can attract students to pay attention to the field of microfluidic technology, according to the authors. It can also be used for training and learning

to learn more, you can search the title of the paper

A truly Lego ®- like modular microfluidics platform