Cute thing: a big step in the Lego world! Giant Saturn V rocket toy
Cute thing: a big step in the Lego world! Giant Saturn V rocket toy
The super model of the classic rocket, do you want it?

forget the mini rocket model on the desktop! This is the new toy that can satisfy aerospace enthusiasts-the one-meter-high Lego version of Saturn V rocket!

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according to Lego officials, the oversized rocket toy model will go on sale on June 1, 2017 at a price of $119.99. The one-meter-high rocket is by far the tallest in the LEGO Ideas series of toys. Of course, even if it looks amazing in a toy, the model is only one hundred and ten times the size of the real thing.

the Saturn V carrier rocket is the classic NASA carrier rocket that sent Apollo astronauts into space. Saturn 5 is also the largest rocket in history, reaching 110.6 meters high, and it is the tallest, heaviest and most powerful carrier rocket ever used.

with this set of Lego toys, players can restore the whole process of the mission to the moon at home. In addition to the detachable three-stage rocket, the package also includes the lunar lander, astronauts, and the familiar American flag.

this toy has 1969 parts, and it happens to be the first time in human history to land on the moon.

An one-meter Lego rocket must feel cool at home.

finally, let's take a look at the real Saturn V launch photos.