Crazy cuisine: can molten aluminum cook the steak?
Crazy cuisine: can molten aluminum cook the steak?
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before we enjoyed a series of strange motion pictures of pouring molten metal into various things, today let's take a look at a crazy dish of molten aluminum for steak.

the author of the original video is backyard scientist, a video blogger who likes to tinker with molten aluminum. Originally, he poured liquid aluminum on the steak to test the extent to which exposure to these hot molten metals would damage muscle tissue.

it turns out that this damage is certainly fatal if it is on living tissue, but the steak is still far from being completely cooked.

the cut goes like this:

the place where it is ripe is actually only the most superficial.

so, unreconciled, he simply used molten aluminum instead of hot oil and wanted to fry the steak in the pan.

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as a result, it looks better this time, but in fact, the heating is still very uneven, and it is still very raw inside:

in addition, the surface of the meat is also stained with aluminum particles.

is this meat edible? The original Po owner did not eat it, and of course, it is not recommended that you try it. Even if the problem of aluminum is not considered, it would be better to cook at a lower temperature.

by the way, a laboratory engaged in magma research has tried a magma grilled steak before, but that is at least more reliable, after all, it is only heated in the upper space.

in short, it looks pretty cool purely as an appreciation, probably.