Chicken head, why don't you move?
Chicken head, why don't you move?
Marvel at the stability of the chicken head? In fact, you have a similar function.

in the year of the Rooster, send this again.

how to prevent the camera from shaking? With the popularity of many motion pictures on the Internet, we will always think of a solution at this time-tie the chicken head!

Yes, the chicken head is quite anti-shaking:

(by the way, this picture is from a classic Mercedes-Benz commercial)

but why?

the stability of the head is essentially to maintain visual stability, and the human visual system also has an "anti-shaking" mechanism. for example, when you run and jump, you won't feel that the picture in front of you makes you want to throw up (but if you hold a camera in your hand, the picture you take will probably make you dizzy). However, human visual anti-shaking is more regulated by eye movement, while birds rely more on head and neck movement. Birds have well-developed eyeballs, but their flexibility is limited, so they need head movement to make up for it. In order to achieve this adjustment, both the visual system and the balance system should play a role.

keeping the field of vision stable is very helpful to the survival of animals. for example, only when the picture seen by the eyes does not wobble, can we tell which objects are really moving, so that it is convenient to observe the actions of other animals. in order to react in a timely manner.

in addition to chicken heads, there are many other examples of birds stabilizing their vision by adjusting their heads, such as pigeons walking with a meal on the head in order to keep their sight stable most of the time. When a hummingbird hovers in the air, it also has good control over the stability of its head:

of course, more anti-shaking of the chicken head is just a joke. after all, you can't control which way the chicken looks. If you need a higher level of stability, you will generally use the anti-shaking head, that is, this is the → dynamic picture appreciation: my beer, how to show off will not spill!

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