Cats also love music, but they are different from human tastes.
Cats also love music, but they are different from human tastes.
Did you know that there is music specially designed for cats in the world (with audio)

in the past, when people listened to music to the animals around them, they often didn't seem to get good results. For example, your favorite music may not interest the cat at all, or may even scare it.

does this mean that cats don't have music cells? Actually, it's not. A team of researchers at the University of Wisconsin specializes in studying the music preferences of different species. They believe that animals such as cats can also enjoy music, but to make an animal fall in love with music, it has to be designed to match the audio and rhythm of their usual sounds (calls).

the team designed music for cats and published a paper on it. The paper points out that cats have significantly more positive responses to cat music than human music clips (such as going to the stereo, rubbing the stereo, making comfortable sounds, etc.), indicating that cats still like it. They are still raising money and are going to make a whole album for cats _ (: cats "∠) _

here is the reaction of two cats after listening to it:

what kind of music is this?

here is an example found on their website:

anyway, it does sound like a cat. _ (: cats "∠) _

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in addition to cat music, researchers have also designed music for monkeys.

Why do you do such a study? Mainly to improve animal welfare, hoping to make these captive animals happier ~

the original link is the introduction website of "music for cats" ~