Cantharidin: drinking the legendary enchanting medicine will only make you die in pain.
Cantharidin: drinking the legendary enchanting medicine will only make you die in pain.
Maybe, maybe, I drove a car.

have you ever heard of Spanish fly? Old drivers may smile mysteriously when they see the name.

Yes, this is a legendary fawning medicine. Since ancient times, it has been developed for indescribable uses. However, the true face of this legendary substance is actually deadly and highly toxic.

"Spanish fly" is not a fly, it actually refers to Lytta vesicatoria, a rather beautiful (but definitely difficult) Coleoptera.

this insect and other related species produce a highly toxic substance called cantharidin (cantharidin), which is the true protagonist of this myth of fawning medicine. Cantharidin is produced by male insects, which not only protect themselves with toxins, but also give some toxins to females as "gifts" during mating. This "gift" is very practical: females use it to protect their eggs from being eaten.

(chemical structure of cantharidin)

in the past, it has been found that men who ingest cantharidin have long-lasting erections. It is this phenomenon that connects Spanish flies with aphrodisiacs. As a result, not only do some people secretly drug those who want to seduce, but some even take it personally, just to pursue the beauty of the night.

but the reality is cruel. Cantharidin is not an aphrodisiac at all. What people see is only its strong irritation and toxicity. "persistent erection" is the poisoning symptom of cantharidin, which is the result of urinary tract inflammation caused by cantharidin stimulation. Just skin contact with cantharidin causes blisters, and the feeling of eating it is even worse. Ingestion of cantharidin is accompanied by a variety of painful consequences: severe mucosal damage, bleeding, permanent kidney damage. In humans, the median lethal dose of cantharidin is about 0.5mg/Kg, and ingestion of 10mg alone may cause death.

Cantharidin can only cause pain, so do other legendary "seductive drugs" exist? As far as I know, nothing really works this way as rumored. There is only one drug I know that does improve libido for women (flurbanserin). Clinical studies have found that it is effective, but the effect is far less dramatic.

now, products marked "Spanish flies" may also be found in some mysterious adult stores. Remember not to buy them: on the one hand, "aphrodisiac" itself is unreliable, on the other hand, in case it does contain cantharidin. Then it's a big trouble _ (: trouble "∠) _

(this is actually a molecular story. )

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