Can you tie your shoes with one hand? Maybe with one more finger.
Can you tie your shoes with one hand? Maybe with one more finger.
"six fingers" can also be very flexible and more flexible than ordinary people.

Today, I mainly want to share a research video from Nature Communications. The study looked at two "six fingers" subjects, and the extra fingers on them did not become an encumbrance, but gave them more flexibility. In the video, the subjects can be seen tying their shoelaces with one hand and skillfully operating keyboards and game consoles.

of course, this is not a common case of "six fingers". For many people who grow an extra finger, their extra fingers are not fully developed.

but the extra fingers of the two subjects (they are mother and son) are indeed anatomically and functionally intact. They all have an extra finger between their thumb and index finger. This finger has its own muscles and nerves, is as strong as other fingers, has a good independence of movement, and has no difficulty in cooperating with other fingers. This study examines how the nervous system controls extra limbs.

what should I do to study this? The researchers hope that it can be applied to the development of mechanical limbs. Now the prosthetic limb is not only to complete the incomplete limb, if you add more fingers or arms to able-bodied people, you should be able to achieve more operations. If the brain can control how many fingers grow, it may also be possible to connect extra mechanical limbs to the nervous system for control.

an extra finger that can be used flexibly should be a very interesting life experience.

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