Brother animal, I'll give you an aboveboard smoking cat, panda, red kangaroo, koala. The reason
Brother animal, I'll give you an aboveboard smoking cat, panda, red kangaroo, koala. The reason
If you like animals, this cartoon is worth seeing.

Animal Brothers, a popular children's science animation broadcast on PBS, a public television station in the United States, was introduced into China in 2016. This is a magic children's film like "Rainbow Pony" and "Adventure time". Unlike other children's films, it is very suitable for animals and nature lovers to watch (suck) and enjoy (eat).

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the plot is simple. Martin Krat and Chris Krat brothers (named after the real animal show host Krat brothers), as well as a group of technocrats, venture around the world to study animals. Because of the natural crisis, the bad guys do sabotage, (cross off) or bear children die (cross off), animals or people are often in danger, and the two brothers have to use the transformation device made by the inventor Aviva to transform into animals and use the special abilities of animals to extricate themselves from difficulties.

the animated animals are very lifelike, the movements are quite well displayed, and there is a kind of deja vu for animal lovers. The setting of "Special ability" itself is full of secondary sense, and every time the Krat brothers change, they are accompanied by exclusive animation and extremely "burning" music, which is enough to make the audience feel "cool to change animals", especially for children.

there is nothing new about this setting. The dream of having "Eagle's eyes, Wolf's ears" is common, but this setting, as the subject matter of animation, has a fatal disadvantage. Animal knowledge itself is independent of the humanistic world, pure objective laws of nature, and suitable for mass animation, "orthodox routines" plot stories are based on the "humanities". Therefore, it is difficult for "story" to match "animal".

look for a "story" that can wear a kind of "animal", just like a thread piercing pearls. As a very mature industry, animation writers certainly have many ready-made choices, such as bloody battles such as "Martian Fae" or girls acting cute such as "Canary Zoo". But I can't afford to offend any fans, so let's just pretend I didn't say anything. Let's take a casual look at the outline of an episode of Animal Brothers.

the two brothers found a platypus. They wondered why the platypus could accurately catch crayfish with its eyes and nostrils closed. In the process of finding the answer, there is a little knowledge about the platypus. The evil cook Gurmand suddenly appeared, stole the platypus eggs, tried to make them into fried eggs, and caught Chris. In the process of treating the injured platypus, Martin found that its beak had the ability to sense weak current, so Aviva simulated the platypus ability to make a metamorphosis. Martin used the platypus ability to deal with Gul Mang in the dark. Successfully made it fall into a trap and rescued Chris and the platypus egg. (season 1, episode 6)

this is different from acting cute or fighting routines, but it is a bit like the traditional play of "Pet Elf" (an episode introduces a kind of elf, its skills, and the Rockets come out to make trouble. ). The story is plain, and the main line is very simple and rough: back to the animals themselves. But animals and stories fit very naturally. After all, what is more suitable to fill in animal knowledge than the "stories" of "animals" themselves? Of course, the children's film itself can not support too complex stories, is also a reason.

its producer Krat Brothers (Kratt Brothers Company) has experience in producing a number of children's animal programs. Their own level is excellent, the performance of animals can be painted through the skin, poor shape, which is also very difficult for ordinary producers to do.

honestly, it is a choice to go back to nature to show animals to people who want to see animals, but after childhood, it is difficult for us to indulge in the "animals" themselves. Animal knowledge is regarded as boring books or sleepy lessons, and we are busy leaving them behind to look for new stimuli (just like those created by commercial industries, the plot sets and cute elements that tempt us to open our wallets are not dull and rigid. I'm sorry I finally hacked it. The process of losing our curiosity about animals is also the process of losing our curiosity about the world.

Cool Scientific PS : this animation was given to me by Red Queen Amway a few days ago. Although I haven't looked at it carefully, the performance of animals is really real and vivid. For example, the courtship of the gorgeous bird of paradise in the animation goes like this:

is not only very reductive, but also can see the unfolding details better than the video material.

this kind of animation may not have a very novel plot design, but it is really suitable for children and big friends who love animals, and you can come and have a look if you are interested. This animation can be seen on Youku (not an advertisement)

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