Boston Power's new work: robots moving boxes
Boston Power's new work: robots moving boxes
The original version of this robot is called style Fire Donkey by me. But its painting style is quite normal now. Mm-hmm.

(originally from fruit shell)

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Boston Dynamics (BostonDynamics), which is keen on playing with robot dogs, released a new robot demonstration video on March 28th. This time, what we see are robots carrying cartons, and they will stack them neatly.

this robot is called Handle. It made its debut in 2017, and now we are seeing an improved version. The original Handle robot is an attempt similar to "step on the wheel of fire for a quadruped robot". The painting style is very magical:

and now it seems to be a lot more practical. Today's Handle can carry up to 15 Kg cartons, while the carton weight shown in the video is 5Kg.

here is the full version of the demo video:

this is actually part of this week's technology newsletter. For more information, see → 's first spacewalk by two women, temporarily replaced because they have no clothes to wear.