Boston Dynamics has a new robot! This time it's a guy on a fire wheel. Donkey?
Boston Dynamics has a new robot! This time it's a guy on a fire wheel. Donkey?
It feels great, but the painting style is not quite right.

do you remember the company that made big robot dogs? Yes, it's Boston Dynamics (Boston Dynamic). The various technologically advanced and picturesque robots developed by the company often cause a craze on the Internet. Recently, they have brought new works:

the official name of this thing is Handle,gizmodo, which is described as "like a donkey" in the report, but at first glance, it looks more like a hoofed horse roaring up to the sky on a wheel of fire.

in fact, its movement is quite different from that of those quadrupeds. Wheels can help it move on smooth ground, while combining wheels with four legs can help it adapt to a more complex environment.

this thing is 6.5ft tall (nearly 2m) and moves at a speed of 9mph (about 4m/s), and it bounces pretty well, jumping 4ft (about 1.2 meters). It is said that one of the advantages of this robot is that its structure has been significantly simplified.

it can also carry goods:

standing on two legs on wheels, it is quite stable.

it's cool, but somehow it makes me have nightmares.

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in fact, the robot demo videos before Boston Dynamics are also quite impressive, and I noticed that they probably started with the picture of the robot dog that can't be kicked down:

(too much! But it feels so stable.)

they also let their robots act as reindeer for pulling Santa Claus at Christmas.

(the painting style is too magic …... )

and the humanoid robot also did not escape the bullying of the presenter:

(I can't watch it! )

give me a robot dog, I promise not to kick it!

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