Bleeding and crying, this "little patient" is actually a robot.
Bleeding and crying, this "little patient" is actually a robot.
Future doctors, welcome to the Valley of Terror (

bleeding, crying and talking, the "little patient" is actually a robot:

the slightly weird-looking robot boy's name is "HAL", a pediatric mock patient produced by Gaumard Scientific for medical education. Future health care workers can practice all kinds of medical operations on him, from physical examination to rescue.

HAL simulates the physiological performance of healthy humans. He "breathes", "pupils" contract under the stimulation of strong light, and "pulse" beats. At the same time, he can also switch to abnormal modes such as anaphylactic shock and cardiac arrest at any time. When punctured with a blood collection needle, the little patient even "bleeds". Compared with previous dummies, HAL is also emotionally expressive. He can change his expression, shed tears, speak, and even be dubbed by the controller (the voice will be translated into the voice of a 5-year-old child).

in many cases, children can not clearly express their symptoms and do not cooperate with doctors. Designers hope that emotional dummies can help students practice how to deal with these small patients. It's quite exquisite as a teaching prop, but Horror Valley seems to be an inescapable problem _ (: fear) ∠) _

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video source: Gaumard Scientific