Biological baking contest: how can there be such a competition?
Biological baking contest: how can there be such a competition?
The cake contest held by the physiological Society, I kind of want to take part in it.

when browsing Twitter, I saw a very interesting activity: biological Baking Competition (BioBakes). Unexpectedly, there was a baking contest on this theme, and the fifth session of the competition _ (: biology "∠) _

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was sponsored by the British physiological Society (The Physiological Society). Contestants are required to submit a picture of the cake work with a biology /physiology theme, along with the title of the cake and a sentence to interpret it. To show which aspect of physiology the cake shows.

here are some pictures of the current and previous participating cakes:

liver cake

Photo Source: Grange Science

intestinal epithelial cake

shows the digestive tract epithelial cells, blood vessels and microorganisms. Photo Source: Roxanne Newman

Cellular Cake which looks cordial

Photo Source: Grange Science

Neuromuscular Junction Cake

Photo Source: Lewis Macgregor

nerve Synaptic Cake

Photo Source: PhysiologicalSociety

this competition seems to have no bonus, but finalists can get souvenirs. For example, the bio-baking 2018 special edition wooden spoon in the picture below:

the introduction page of the competition is here:, which has the entrance to submit the work. October 5th is the deadline for the submission of this year's work. If you are interested, you may be able to catch the last bus _ (: "∠) _