Bear candy "volcano": life goes on, bear abuse is more than …...
Bear candy "volcano": life goes on, bear abuse is more than …...
Relive the classics.

Ah, backstage has been called candy bear again. On Wechat, let's also post this classic reaction chart _ (: candy "∠) _

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gummy bear is so cute and delicious, but there is a group of people who love to abuse it.

like this:

like this.

╯ '□' ╯ feud ┻━┻

back to the point, this is actually a classic chemical demonstration reaction, but don't imitate it casually. The essence of this reaction involves two parts, one is the decomposition of molten potassium chlorate, and the other is the combustion of various organic compounds in candy. After contact with molten potassium chlorate, the candy bears are ignited, and then the two reactions promote each other: heat release from combustion promotes the decomposition of potassium chlorate, while potassium chlorate decomposes to produce oxygen, which in turn supports combustion. So you see this scene of "burning" and splashing.

you can also react with other things, such as sugar, but the gummy bear version is the most popular _ (: bear "∠) _ the previous picture is a classic version, and the latter is an enlarged version made by vat19, using the 5-pound giant version of Candy Bear sold in their store (if you are interested in it, there should be a purchasing agent for this thing. But it feels like a lot of effort)

by the way, vat19 is a website with a big brain, and its advertising films are so good that it makes people want to watch them all while complaining about mom's mental retardation. (interesting enough that I think it's okay to advertise on a voluntary basis. )

if you want to see a more homely candy bear experiment, →, why are you swollen?

the picture is another version of this experiment. In the big candy bear, a hole is drilled to fill the potassium chlorate with _ (: candy "∠) _