Bean knowledge: there are two ways for sperm to swim
Bean knowledge: there are two ways for sperm to swim
Did you know that sperm can move like snakes?

as a result, they found an interesting phenomenon that the sperm used to move in two different ways: one is three-dimensional movement, in which the sperm swims in a spiral, and the other, it is the motion in a two-dimensional plane, which looks like a snake "taxiing".

the serpentine movement of sperm is like this:

and the comparison of the two modes of movement is as follows:

(the painting style on the left is a little happy …... )

Why are there two different ways of swimming? According to the researchers, this may be to adapt to the complex environment in the female reproductive tract. Their calculations show that a snake-like two-dimensional movement should be more suitable for moving through thicker, thicker mucus.

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observing the way sperm swim can help us better understand their function and fertilization process, which is also very helpful to reproductive medicine. And I feel that these "little tadpoles" look cute when they swim.


Nosrati, R. et al. Two-dimensional slither swimming of sperm within a micrometre of a surface. Nat. Commun. 6RV 8703 doi: 10.1038/ncomms9703 (2015).


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