Bean knowledge: some sea anemones can also swim!
Bean knowledge: some sea anemones can also swim!
Although their posture is much worse than that of scallops, they can really swim.

I have introduced to you what scallop swimming looks like before:

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Today, let's introduce an even more unexpected thing-- there are some sea anemones that can also swim.

the sea anemone we see usually stays in place and doesn't move much, and sometimes we even think of it as a plant (of course, it still belongs to an animal properly). But in fact, in the sea anemone, the following scene also happens:

this sea anemone detaches its foot from the adsorbed rock and wriggles its body and swims in the water.

only a few sea anemones have been found to be able to swim in this way, and this is one of them (Stomphia coccinea). Like scallops, they swim to escape predators, and this one just feels the starfish next to them, so they dodge.

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this stroke is really frustrating when we see it, with no speed and no direction to speak of. However, it is effective to escape things like starfish, and it is powerful for animals with a simple nervous system, such as sea anemones, to be able to perform such rhythmic movements.

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original video: waymire5:Swimming anemone (Youtube)