Bean knowledge: sneezing in the sun
Bean knowledge: sneezing in the sun
Strong sunlight can also make people sneeze. However, this phenomenon only occurs in some people.

suddenly in the strong sun, you can't help but start sneezing? Some people may have a lot of experience, while others may not have such an experience. How on earth is the connection between glare and sneezing?

sneezing under sudden strong light stimulation does exist. It is often called photosensitive sneeze, and someone once gave it a very mischievous name in the paper: ACHOO (obsessive-compulsive autosomal dominant ocular stimulation syndrome, Autosomal-dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst syndrome). ). Some surveys believe that about 17% to 35% of the population have this problem.

so why do these people sneeze in the bright light? Unfortunately, the underlying mechanism behind this phenomenon is not very clear. At present, it is generally believed that this situation may be caused by "crosstalk" in neural signal transmission. When we are in direct light, the optic nerve sends a signal to the brain, but because of the close relationship between the optic nerve and the trigeminal nerve, part of the signal may be felt by the neighbor's trigeminal nerve. At this time, the brain mistakenly thinks that the nose is stimulated and produces a sneezing response.

there is not much research data to refer to about this kind of photosensitive sneezing, mainly because this phenomenon does not affect health, so medical researchers may have gone to study more important things _ ("∠") _

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, however, there are still some studies that suggest that this condition is related to genes. The strange name above also mentioned that it is autosomal dominant inheritance. The genetic testing service 23andMe also analyzed their user database and found two single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with photosensitive sneezing. But in short, we don't have a complete scientific explanation for photosensitive sneezing yet.

this kind of sneezing is generally harmless, but there is also a 1993 paper that solemnly discusses the danger this phenomenon poses to fighter pilots. Fortunately, if you want to stay away from this trouble, you only need to wear sunglasses. _ (: reading "∠) _

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