Bean knowledge: pigeons can tell the difference between Monet and Picasso
Bean knowledge: pigeons can tell the difference between Monet and Picasso
Pigeons have the same ability to distinguish and remember patterns.

when it comes to animals in the laboratory, we may first think of all kinds of rats and mice:

but the animal subjects used by scientists to study are actually very rich, among which pigeons are also an important one.

Burrhus Frederic Skinner, a famous psychologist and behaviorist, is a master at training pigeons. Here is a picture of him training pigeons to play ping-pong: during World War II, they even hoped to train pigeons to guide missiles. But this didn't really come into use.

in addition, pigeons are actually quite good at graphic discrimination and graphic memory. People have done a lot of research on this with pigeons. they have asked pigeons to distinguish between letters, human expressions, and everyday things, not only that, but also the paintings of Monet and Picasso.

the study, published in the journal Journal of the experimental analysis of behavior in 1995, found that pigeons could learn to distinguish between Monet and Picasso through training, and then show them their paintings (parts the pigeons had never seen before), and the pigeons could tell exactly which one was written by them.

in addition, recently, researchers have opened new brains, and they have taught pigeons to identify the malignant degree of pathological sections. Like this:

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as a result, the pigeons achieved 85% accuracy after more than ten days of training. Although it is still far from perfect, it is also quite powerful. The researchers also hope that pigeons can be used as cheaper alternatives to participate in the evaluation of related technological improvement studies. Of course, they won't really be allowed to replace doctors.

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