Bean knowledge: people used rabbits to test pregnancy
Bean knowledge: people used rabbits to test pregnancy
How to get a pregnancy test before the appearance of the pregnancy test? You can use rabbit _ (: rabbit "∠) _

now, it is very easy to know if there is a "killing". It is very convenient to find a test strip in a hospital or convenience store. In the past, things were not that simple.

the current early pregnancy test strip measures a component in the urine called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which increases significantly in the early stages of pregnancy. The relationship between hCG and pregnancy was discovered before the advent of convenient test strips, but only a more primitive method can be used to measure it. What is the method? With a rabbit.

initially, scientists found in mouse experiments that such an ingredient in the urine of pregnant women can stimulate the ovaries of animals. After injection, ovarian development and follicular maturation in mice can be observed. The same phenomenon can be observed in female rabbits, which is actually the role of hCG. In 1931, the experiment officially became a method of pregnancy testing, which was called the "rabbit test".

the method of rabbit pregnancy test is actually quite reliable, and it is said that the probability of error is less than 2%. But it obviously still has many shortcomings: it is not only very troublesome, but also has to be executed to open the abdominal cavity in order to observe the changes of the ovaries, so the rabbits used in the test will die unfortunately.

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at that time, because of this, there was a misunderstanding: you can see such a plot in some foreign movies and TV dramas, and you will say "The rabbit died!" when you announce your pregnancy. But the saying that the rabbit is dead = pregnant actually doesn't make sense. As mentioned above, all the rabbits tested will actually die. _ (: rabbit "∠) _

in addition to rabbits, there is also a pregnancy test done with male Xenopus, which also uses the hormonal effect of hCG. If it is positive, it will promote the ovulation of male toads.

of course, now that there are test strips and advanced blood hCG tests, there is finally no need to bother with small animals for testing early pregnancy.

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