Bean knowledge: how strong are Lego bricks? It takes more than 4,000 cattle to crush it.
Bean knowledge: how strong are Lego bricks? It takes more than 4,000 cattle to crush it.
Lego is old and tough, and it always hurts to step on it. Actually, it all has something to do with the materials it uses.

although the Lego looks like a small piece of plastic, it is actually very resistant to compression. Open University has done an experiment, and the results show that it takes an average of 4240 newtons to crush an ordinary Lego of 2X2, which is equivalent to the weight of 432kg.

the Lego finally crushed looks like this:

in theory, if you stack the Lego into a tower until the bottom piece is crushed, then the tower can be stacked thousands of meters high. However, the structure is actually very unstable and can be easily disconnected at the seams. However, it is still possible to build a tower with a height of more than 30 meters:

(at present, the height record of the Lego Tower has broken through 35 meters)

in addition to the high strength, the Lego blocks are also quite hard, which is why they are particularly painful to step on.

(an expression that steps on Lego. )

the excellent hardness and strength come from the materials made by Lego. This material is called ABS, which is polymerized by three monomer molecules: acrylonitrile (Acrylonitrile), 1-butadiene (Butadiene) and styrene (Styrene). ABS has a lot of great properties, such as the dimensional stability of the products molded with it (accurate size is important for collage toys) and corrosion resistance, so it is also widely used. Among plastics, ABS is also known as "hard".

(ABS plastic particles and the three molecules used to produce it)

ABS can be said to be an excellent choice for making Lego toys, but it is an oil source and does not look very environmentally friendly. Lego now hopes to find more environmentally friendly materials to replace it, or produce it in a more environmentally friendly way. Finally, enjoy some science-themed Lego toys:

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