Bean knowledge: how big is the biggest snowflake?
Bean knowledge: how big is the biggest snowflake?
Snowflake knowledge ~

A little knowledge of snowflake seen on website ~ this website has also been introduced before, it is snowflake crystallization researcher KennethG. Libbrecht's personal website, which has a lot of snowflake photos and introductions.

the largest snowflake

according to Libbrecht, the largest single crystal snowflake he knows has left a photo record so far is the one in the picture below. The length from one end to the other reaches 10.1mm. Under the minimum magnification of his microscope, it takes four shots to get a complete image. Larger snowflakes have also been found, but those are not single crystals.

the following is a comparison of the size of a series of "star" snowflakes he recorded with a coin:

the smallest snowflake

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the smallest snowflake crystal is called "Diamond Dust" and, as the name suggests, looks like shiny dust. These small crystals are relatively simple hexagonal prisms, and they are most common in cold weather. These little snowflakes are usually about as wide as human hair.

the size and shape of snowflakes have a lot to do with the meteorological conditions at that time. Let's show the general relationship between humidity, temperature and snowflake shape:

you can read the original web page for more information.