Bean knowledge: do you know the equivalent dose of banana?
Bean knowledge: do you know the equivalent dose of banana?
Bananas are radioactive?! Don't be afraid, in fact, everyone has:)

Today, let's talk about the radioactivity of bananas.

Yes, bananas are not only radioactive, but this point is often mentioned. There is even a special term in nuclear physics called "banana equivalent dose" (this is an informal term. But it's still famous. If you eat a banana, you will also be exposed to corresponding internal exposure. Of course, this dose will not cause any danger, don't worry .

where does radioactivity in bananas come from? The answer is potassium. The content of potassium in banana is quite abundant in fruit, so it also contains a radioisotope of potassium: potassium-40 (potassium 40 has a half-life of 10 ^ 9 years and is still 0.0117% abundant in nature). It decays spontaneously. It is estimated that the dose of extra radiation (ionizing radiation, ionizing radiation mentioned in this article) caused by eating a banana is about 0.078 μ Sv (microsievert, there is also a simpler approximation of 0.1 μ Sv), which is called banana equivalent dose.

of course, this dose is indeed very small, accounting for only a very small part of the natural background radiation received by the human body, which is much smaller than taking a chest X-ray (about 20 μ Sv). In addition, based on the same principle, your own body, the bodies of the people around you, and the bodies of your beloved cats and dogs, also release radiation from potassium 40 = w = (to learn more about the ionizing radiation dose in daily life, please poke to read the original text)

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the concept of banana equivalent dose is mainly to help the public understand the concept of radiation dose. This also tells us that although ionizing radiation is very vigilant, low-dose radiation is also a natural and inevitable part, as long as the exposure dose is low enough. Of course, if you want to carry out an accurate experiment, it may cause trouble to bring a banana into it.

(you don't need to eat bananas like this. )

in the decay process of potassium 40, antimatter oh ~ potassium 40 will undergo β + decay to argon 40 in the case of 0.001%, and a positron is emitted, and the positron is the antiparticle corresponding to the electron. These cool-sounding particles are not far away from us.

in addition, potassium 40 with a long half-life can also help geologists age ancient rocks, a method known as potassium-argon dating.

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