Bean knowledge: African penguins can bark like donkeys
Bean knowledge: African penguins can bark like donkeys
Penguin, which sounds like a donkey, _ (: chicken "∠) _ (with video)

when it comes to penguins, people always think of Antarctica first, but there are many species of penguins that live in warmer parts of the southern hemisphere, and African Penguin,Spheniscus demersus is one of them. The penguins live on the southwest coast of Africa, and they look like this:

but beneath their cute appearance, these penguins sound in a completely different style. Locally, African penguins are known as "male donkeys", and their performance is completely worthy of the title. Just listen to the following video:

African penguins only make donkey calls during the breeding season, that is, summer in the southern hemisphere, which is a sign of courtship. In addition, this social bird has a variety of other communication calls, including intimidating opponents during fights, communicating with partners, and young penguins begging for food. This has been studied by specialized animal experts.

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what's the use of studying penguin calls? It still has a lot of positive significance for animal conservation. Penguin calls can be used to estimate the proportion of men, women and children in a group of penguins, and it can also help people develop conservation plans.

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