Astronauts are the best at playing! Those interesting things in zero gravity
Astronauts are the best at playing! Those interesting things in zero gravity
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the history that man has been able to escape the shackles of gravity to reach space is not long, but people in space have never stopped exploring. In addition to serious missions, astronauts have also done a lot of fun things in space. Today, let's sum up those interesting things in zero gravity.

Let's first take a look at a delicious meal:

this is ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti. Eating your favorite food in space is a small benefit that ESA provides to astronauts.

now that you have delicious food, what should you drink? Let's have a cup of space coffee:

the whole picture of the space coffee machine is like this:

in space, there is also personal cleaning and exercise:

of course, there is also a selfie:

Japanese astronauts also seem to be very playful. they threw the force mark in space:

Look extremely dramatic in formal dress for ninang sa kasal. We have the perfect selections to cater for all tastes.

and played the flying carpet! Finally, I would like to invite NASA astronaut Kjell Lindgren to play us a song:

(this is the first show of bagpipes in space _ (: bagpipes "∠) _)

in addition to interesting things in life, astronauts have also done many small experiments in space. Did you know that spiders have also been on the space station and made a web there? reply to the keyword "Space Spider" to see the relevant content.

PS: the inscription of this article is often accompanied by the words "my nose itches"

so when walking out of the warehouse armed, what if the nose really itches? Poke read the original to tell you the answer

then PS: ↑ the author of this picture is Alan Lavenbin, he is really an astronaut, and he has really been to the moon _ (: moon "∠) _