Annoyance website: voice simulator
Annoyance website: voice simulator
It's Friday. Have some fun.

want to know how people make their voices? The following may be the noisiest way, but it may also be the most fun way:

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this website is called Pink Trombone, an online voice simulator. Here, you can see the anatomical diagram of the human vocal organs (extremely simple). We can see two pink areas, the upper one is the nasal cavity, the lower left corner is the throat and vocal cords.

you can use the mouse to move the position of your tongue, lips, etc., so that this guy can make all kinds of sounds.

you can first select the position of the tongue with the mouse, then select the pitch and intensity in the bar below, and then you can drag the lips to feel the change in pronunciation.

(as for what kind of sound it is, you can try it for yourself. (

although in theory, you can pick out different sounds and pitches, but basically this crude simulator gets a particularly annoying murmur most of the time. The "always voice" button is recommended to turn off, or it's really annoying.

the name of the person who created this voice simulator is Neil Thapen. His day job is as a researcher, but not to study voice, but to study mathematics. In addition to the human voice simulator, he has many other Mini Game works. For more information, you can see here:

is really hard to get a good sound, but it is really addictive to play with. It may become a new ghost and animal material _ (: ghost "∠) _

. Here is a demonstration video:

can be eaten with:

Deep into the throat. Look at a different B-Box!

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