AI writes recipes: put a cup of horseradish in your chocolate chip cookies.
AI writes recipes: put a cup of horseradish in your chocolate chip cookies.
This is not an outstanding achievement of artificial intelligence, but it will definitely help you have a good day.

what will happen to flirting with AI? Janelle Shane's answer is, you'll get a chocolate chip cookie that's hot enough to cry!

this is the recipe AI wrote to her. It solemnly wrote: add a cup full of horseradish (the one often made into cheap "green mustard") to chocolate cookies. Janelle Shane actually worked out the recipe, and the result was naturally disastrous: "I opened the oven and my eyes began to burst into tears. It's terrible. I've never tasted such a terrible chocolate snack.

(this picture, dare not think …... )

and that's not really the worst. In another recipe, AI's cooking idea is: 1 cup cherry kernels. ), 42 cups of milk ), and then preheat the oven to 3500 degrees (even Fahrenheit is too high. Hey. ).

Shane is not a professional artificial intelligence researcher. She usually fiddles with lasers during working hours. But she obviously loves flirting with artificial intelligence. In her spare time, she runs an open source artificial neural network program on her computer and constantly feeds it all sorts of strange learning materials-such as recipes, signatures in lucky cookies, or the names of metal bands.

after a round of study, here is the time for AI to hand in his homework! Writing recipes is one of the tasks that Shane assigns to the artificial neural network.

obviously, the artificial neural network's "understanding" of recipes is completely different from that of human beings. After learning 30, 000 recipe samples, AI is still quite confused about cooking. Its recipes look good at first glance, but they are still full of unreasonable combinations. However, AI is clearly still making progress in training. In earlier versions, AI didn't know how many ingredients to list properly, and even returned a bunch of garbled codes:

compared to AI's achievements in playing go and recognizing pictures, Shane's amateur attempt didn't seem to be very successful, but her blog and AI failed recipes did give me a very pleasant afternoon. When I saw horseradish and milk cherry kernels, I thought, this project is really great.

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in addition to recipes, this AI also has a lot of ideas about signature cakes. After learning some common "signs", AI began to create mysteries:

Hand is always on happiness.

hands are always happy. )

Never understand.

never understand. )

Hell! It's the onset of a friendship.

hell! This is the beginning of friendship. )

A short pencil is usually better than a bird on the future.

short pencils are usually better than birds. )

(who's going to get these signatures in lucky cookies?... )

another interesting-looking task is to name colors. After learning about the paint database, AI began to try to name colors with different RGB values.

at first, AI seemed confused:

(AI: I don't know what I'm doing either. )

later, however, many lovely names have been born:

now, Shane is still constantly flirting with her AI, asking AI to write all kinds of story titles, or inventing a new Pokemon. On her blog, you can find all kinds of creations by AI:

believe me, AI's creativity will make you have a good day _ (: creative "∠) _

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