A wave of scientific emoji attacks! In a few months, we can use them to send messages.
A wave of scientific emoji attacks! In a few months, we can use them to send messages.
I don't know when it will be updated on the phone.

recently, the latest version of emoji (Unicode Emoji 11.0) was officially released. This time, 157new icons have been added, among which several science-themed icons have been newly released, which are expected to be available later this year.

the following is the newly added science theme emoji:


white coat (of course Doctors can also use




test tube (a little too much):

petri dish:

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the pictures we see so far are just examples. Generally, each family will make some adjustments according to its own overall design style. We don't know exactly what it will look like on the phone.

of course, we can always find better science-themed emoticons, but it really makes sense to enter the Unicode system and become a formal emoji, so it becomes a general communication symbol that can be used on all kinds of devices and systems.

at the emoji conference in 2016, there was a team of scientists and designers working to promote the design and promotion of new scientific emoji, and many of these new scientific emoji we see now are to their credit. At that time, members of the Scientific emoji team thought that although there were so many various icons in the emoji system in the past, few of them could express scientific topics (only microscopes, telescopes, distillation equipment, (outdated) atomic models, etc.), so they hoped that more scientific emoji could be used by science enthusiasts around the world.

looking forward to these new icons, I feel that it is more convenient for experimental dogs to communicate.

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