A tie made of spider silk! You want one?
A tie made of spider silk! You want one?
100% spider silk! But it's artificial.

in nature, spiders make very strong silk thread. Would it be good to use spider silk to make textiles? Unfortunately, spiders are not as easy to raise silk on a large scale as silkworms, and it is difficult to use spider silk to make clothes.

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but now things have taken a turn for the better: the first textile made of spider silk has made its debut! It is a knitted tie:

this thing is not made of raising spiders to draw silk, it is actually made of "artificial spider silk" developed in the laboratory. The researchers first analyzed the key protein components in spider silk, found the corresponding gene, and then handed it to yeast to expand production. After the composition of spider silk is obtained, it is made into artificial spider silk fiber and finally made into fabric.

it is said that it took seven years of research and development before it was launched, and it comes from Bolt Threads, a company specializing in the development of artificial spider silk materials. This is their first product, and although it looks humble and has only a very small limited supply, 100% artificial spider silk products have finally hit the market.

I don't know how spider silk ties feel. Their website mentions selling points such as light, soft and high strength, but the actual market reaction depends on what happens later.

Source: https://cen.acs.org/articles/95/i12/Bolt-Threads-debuts-spider-silk.html


in the lab, researchers do raise spiders and extract their silk for research, but this is difficult to mass-produce. Here you can see how spider silk is extracted in the laboratory: video appreciation: harvesting spider silk

I don't know when it will be possible to make clothes out of artificial spider silk.