A super simple but useful centrifuge, made to help poor areas!
A super simple but useful centrifuge, made to help poor areas!
Centrifuge, just pull ~

this is the news some time ago. I like the idea of this thing very much. To put it simply, a group of researchers have made a very simple, cheap but workable hand centrifuge. It looks like this:

does it look familiar? Indeed, this thing is inspired by a small toy that can spin with a pull (although I don't know what the Chinese name of this thing should be). The round thing in the middle is actually a piece of paper, which uses the twist of two strands of rope to generate rotation power. The experimental results show that the manual centrifuge is simple but not simple, and it can also accomplish the task of sample centrifugation.

there are already good centrifuges in the lab, so why DIY a manual one? The answer is to help poor areas where facilities are still inadequate. For example, centrifuge processing of blood samples is a necessary step to detect malaria, but some areas with high incidence of malaria may not even have centrifuges. In this case, the development of a cheap alternative has its value. It is said that the cost of this kind of manual equipment is only 20 cents, which is equivalent to less than two yuan, so it will still be very helpful in improving medical conditions in poor areas.

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I have also read about another study that tried to use bubbles on bubble paper as containers for handling a small number of liquid samples, in order to find cheaper and easier to popularize measures for medical testing in poor areas. I really like this kind of research. I hope these results will make the world a better place.

if you want to learn more, you can search the titles of the two studies mentioned above:

Hand-powered ultralow-cost paper centrifuge.

Adaptive Use of Bubble Wrap for Storing Liquid Samples and Performing Analytical Assays.