A flavored push: where does the smell in the dustbin come from?
A flavored push: where does the smell in the dustbin come from?
Small molecular sulfur compounds are particularly intoxicating...

if there is no diligent cleaning, the dustbin will inevitably be filled with an intoxicating smell.... What are the chemicals behind this?

most of the things people throw into the dustbin don't have a bad smell, and in the end, the smell produced by garbage comes from biodegradation. The food residue and kitchen waste are metabolized by little guys like bacteria and fungi, producing a lot of volatile odors.

among these flavored degradation products, the most obvious contribution to garbage flavor should be some small molecular sulfur compounds. Most of these volatile sulfur compounds smell bad, such as hydrogen sulfide, which is often described as "rotten egg" in textbooks, while dimethyl sulfide and methyl mercaptan are more like rotten cabbage.

when volatile odors are mixed together, which odor will prevail, which does not depend entirely on their content in the air, because people's sense of smell is different to different odor molecules. And the above-mentioned sulfur compounds, their odor threshold is quite low, that is, as long as there is a little bit in the air, it is enough to make you feel very smelly. Therefore, they play a major role in the smell of garbage.

in addition to sulfur compounds, nitrogen compounds also contribute their own unique flavor (no). For example, people's dustbins may smell like trimethylamine, especially if they throw a lot of seafood garbage.

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in addition to nitrogen and sulfur compounds, small molecules of acids, aldehydes or terpenes also appear in the odors produced by garbage, but they are relatively less existent.

the following is a group of garbage odor molecules and their corresponding odors (picture from: Compound Interest):

as for the way to reduce odors, it is naturally diligent to clean up and dispose of kitchen waste separately _ (: garbage "∠) _

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