A face is very different when you look at it!
A face is very different when you look at it!
Ah, there's something strange about this face.

there seems to be nothing wrong with looking backwards, but after coming over, we feel that there is a strong sense of disobedience? This is the phenomenon we are going to talk about today, which is called the "Thatcher effect" (discovered by psychologist Peter Thompson in 1980, when he was looking at a picture of Mrs. Thatcher).

in the picture above, the eyes and mouth are actually upside down, and their direction is opposite to the overall direction of the face. This point can be seen at a glance when looking at it, it is very obvious, but it is not easy to feel discord when looking backwards, this is the Thatcher effect. In other words, when looking at an upside-down face, people's ability to process and distinguish faces will be partially weakened. Experiments have shown that macaques and gorillas share the Thatcher illusion, which means that face recognition systems may have evolved 30 million years ago. However, this phenomenon is not found in patients with facial agnosia (prosopagnosia).

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psychologists give some explanations for this. When we recognize human faces, we rely on the fine recognition of local features, such as eyes, ears, nose, etc., but also rely on the recognition of the overall structure between the parts. When the face is inverted, the recognition function of the structure is weakened for some reason, so it is not easy to detect strange places in the face.

looking at it backwards, the world has become more harmonious. For more reading, please read the original text