A drop of water takes you into the microcosm.
A drop of water takes you into the microcosm.
A small idea to magnify and observe the world.

disclaimer: this observation and shooting method is very interesting, but does not rule out the possibility of causing the phone to enter water , so please operate carefully and wipe off the water droplets in time. If you are very distressed about your phone, you can also look for special phone lens accessories or microscopes.

on a subtle scale that is indistinguishable to the naked eye, wonderful stories are staged every day. Professional equipment is usually needed to see small details, but there is also a simple way to get a fairly good magnification of the phone lens, although it is not nearly enough to magnify like a microscope. but it can also be used to magnify and observe insects, flowers, fingerprints and other structures. All we need is a drop of water.

as long as you carefully place a drop of water on the phone lens, let it just cover the lens, and carefully turn the phone over, as long as the drop is not too large, it should be attached to the bottom of the lens, so that the "drop lens" will be done. The round water drop acts as a convex lens, and then you can use it to shoot what you want to zoom in and observe.

"water drop lens" is not very stable and is easy to shake, so it is best to choose the support. Even if you hold it, you'd better put your hand on the table. Let the droplet lens slowly get closer to the object you want to observe (need to be quite close), and find the position where you can focus clearly.

what can I see? Here are the photos I took:

iPad screen Here we can clearly see that the "white light" part of the display screen is actually the result of a combination of three colors:


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fabric fiber:



Alex Wild, an entomologist and photographer, has photographed flowers and insects in this way:

of course, after experiencing it for N times, I still want to say that this method does work. But it is not so easy to shoot well. It takes several times to make a perfect droplet lens. Waterproof is indeed a factor to consider, and if you wrap the phone lens with plastic wrap, the water droplets will not hold _ (: cling "∠) _ so you should consider whether or not to try, but I still like this idea ~ (at least my phone hasn't been flooded yet.) )

it doesn't matter if you don't want to try. If you read the original text, you can see more shots of water droplets ~