A drop of Water "microscope": an upgraded version of the picture quality
A drop of Water "microscope": an upgraded version of the picture quality
This is probably the best focus ever.

this is the simplest DIY "microscope": you just need to carefully drop a drop of water on the phone lens, and then carefully turn it over and let the droplets hang on the lens, and it's done.

of course, there are many drawbacks in this method, for example, you still have to bear the risk of water entry into your phone, for example, there is still a gap between its magnification and the real optical microscope, and it is about the same as the stereoscopic mirror. However, as a simple and interesting little experiment, I have always liked it, which is the kind of activity that allows me to play at home for a long time.

I have also introduced the observation method of this water drop microscope before, but the last time I took photos I didn't feel very good. This time, I slightly improved the observation method, and I finally got a clearer video. Let's share it today:

one of the lessons I've learned this time is that it's convenient to use the height of a convenient pad when looking for focus. Compared with solid lenses, the disadvantage of water droplets is that they wobble easily, so they cannot be observed by hand and must be placed flat on a stable support. On the other hand, the height of the support should be easily changed so that it can be adjusted to a focused position. So I chose post-it notes as a support, ripping off a few when they were high, and sticking them back if they were low.

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the last part of the video is an enlarged laptop screen, where you can see that each pixel is actually displayed by mixing red, green and blue light in different proportions. The secret of this part is to find a display with rougher pixels (Hello). After focusing, the effect is not bad.

some netizens reported that it is difficult to successfully hang the water droplets on the mobile phone lens. I think this mainly needs to be tried a few more times. In addition, the water droplets should not be dripped too full, otherwise they will easily flow down when flipped. If possible, it would be nice to observe flowers and insects, but three-dimensional things are more difficult to focus than flat ones.