A beam of rays lit up the colors in his dreams
A beam of rays lit up the colors in his dreams
A somewhat magical case I read today.

the protagonist of this story is an old Australian man in his late twenties.

according to him, dreams have been black and white all his life. We don't know the exact reason for this, but maybe it's because he grew up with black-and-white television and movies-previous studies have found that television affects people's dreams. Those who were exposed to color TV programs in childhood were more likely to have color dreams, while those who watched black and white programs grew up were more likely to have "black-and-white dreams."

and one day, things suddenly changed.

in his sleep, the old man suddenly entered a brightly colored dream. In the dream, his ex-girlfriend, the car he owned, all kinds of fish and algebraic symbols on the blackboard were suddenly colored with bright colors.

during this period, he did not take any drugs that might be related to dream changes. It seems that it was the radiation that lit up the dream-or rather, the radiation he received to eliminate the tumor.

he received four weeks of head radiation therapy, and within the first week of treatment, his dreams began to appear. A few days after the end of the treatment period, his dream returned to the black and white world.

maybe it's the radiation that affects the electrical activity of the brain. Unfortunately, no detailed examination data were left in the process, so doctors were not sure what the sudden color dream was all about.

in the medical journal Sleep Medicine, the patient's doctor, McKay, reported this amazing case. At present, it is not clear what effect radiation therapy will have on dreams and what it means. McKay hopes to find more people with similar experiences, so that they may be able to conduct in-depth research.

the color that suddenly appears and suddenly leaves in the dream is also a magical life experience.

Source: https://www.newscientist.com/article/2129929-man-dreams-in-colour-for-first-time-during-cancer-radiotherapy/


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