20 (magic) science theme paper snowflakes, do you want to decorate the winter with them?
20 (magic) science theme paper snowflakes, do you want to decorate the winter with them?
A bit of a subtle scientific snowflake paper-cut...

Today we will introduce some scientists and scientific tools-themed snowflake patterns from the website of the Franklin Institute (Franklin Institute). The weight is full, there are 20 (not all here), and the corresponding PDF drawings can also be found on the original website: https://www.fi.edu/snowflakes

, but I must say that the effects of these paper-cut snowflakes are basically magical.

the first is the Benjamin Franklin series (after all, the Franklin Institute):

the bespectacled Benjamin Franklin avatar Snowflake:

Benjamin Franklin and the kite (but it's important to note that there are actually some questions about Franklin's kite experiment. Details can be found here: https://www.guokr.com/article/4829/)

Benjamin Franklin (this is also said to be his invention)

and one of the things that makes people very concerned is whether these three pictures can really be seen as one person.

next is the snowflake paper-cut of some other scientific figures.

Dorothy Vaughn, a mathematician and calculator who used to work for NASA. Before the computer was put into use, the calculation of those important space projects was done by the staff who served as "human flesh computers".

inventor Thomas Edison

A very hairy Einstein:

Katherine Johnson, a mathematician and physicist who works for NASA, is also the prototype of the movie Hidden characters.

Marie Curie:

Stephen Hawking (feels like this is quite different.

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Rosalyn Franklin, a physical chemist and crystallographer, made an important contribution to the discovery of DNA structure.

in addition to characters, there are also tapered paper-cut bottles of hexagonal snowflakes:

, astronauts and so on.

overall, the parts of the characters seem to be subtly different from

. If you are interested, you can download the drawings and cut them for fun, or they can be used as strange holiday decorations (probably). Replay the original website: https://www.fi.edu/snowflakes